An iPad 2 Concept Video and Pics


Gotta love concept artwork and videos. The iPad 2 has gotten its own such special treatment from Joy Studios. I have to say, the concept video—which is actually a pseudo advertisement for the coming iPad 2—is very well done. If you didn’t know any better, you might think that it was a real Apple ad for the device. I admit, I did at first then had to take a double take. Here is the video:


Rumored iPad 2 specs:

Front and rear facing cameras for FaceTime calling

Two possible models—one with the current 9.7” screen and one with a 7” screen

512 MB of RAM

A new version of Apple’s smartphone/tablet microprocessor

Increased screen resolution

Concept iPad 2 specs from Joy Studios:

Front facing 3 megapixel camera for FaceTime

Mini HDMI output

SD card support

Storage increased to 32, 64 and 128 GB models

1920×1280 screen at 9.7”

3.5G cellular network abilities


I know it is only a mockup designed to look like a huge iPhone 4, but I desperately want one. It just looks so… Apple.  Anyone want to get their hands on one of these? You know it is just a matter of time before Apple announces an iPad 2. FaceTime support is a no-brainer, as is improved screen resolution. Anyone else want a huge Retina Display?

The concept iPad 2 features mini HDMI output and some type of microSD or SD card support. Apple has not made an iOS device yet (besides its Apple TV) that has HDMI output but certainly has the ability to. After all, the new Apple TV does it and it is practically an iPhone 4 in a box. How SD card support would come into play and how Apple would maintain its strict control over its iTunes App Store if it did support them in iOS is another issue.

Also keep in mind that Apple has some patents filed away for Near Field Communications (NFC) to allow its iOS devices to act as wireless wallets and other patents to allow the back of a presumed iPad device to sense how you hold it in near perfect detail. Interesting stuff. Don’t forget Apple’s patent to block ‘sexting’ either. What patents does this company not own?

Let me know if you like how this mockup looks like. Excellent job Joy Studios. Now we just have to wait and see if the Apple does go with an iPhone 4 design or keeps the traditional look…

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