iOS 4.1 Bringing HDR, HD YouTube Uploading and FaceTime


The iOS 4.1 update that should be coming out this week and shipping on the new iPod touch 4 has plenty of features. I have already touched based on Ping, Game Center and the new streaming rentals, so here is a quick look at some of the less talked about things that are showing up for the first time.

HDR Camera Mode

As previously reported here, high dynamic range (HDR) photos are making an appearance through some nifty software magic. HDR photography uses multiple images taken in nearly instant succession at different levels of exposure. After the images are spliced together into one—Apple’s implementation combines three—the result shows better contrast and details that are normally missed without professional equipment (and skills). An HDR option shows up now in the camera app on iOS 4.1 and it will save both an HDR version and a regular version of your snapshots when it is enabled.

HD Video Uploads to YouTube

While this is not exactly a game changer, the new option to upload videos to YouTube in 720p HD should pacify those who were angry that only standard definition uploads were available before. Tapping the action button and selecting ‘Send to YouTube’ when in the camera roll brings up the dialogue box with the new feature. Note however, that uploading HD videos requires Wi-Fi. I guess AT&T is already cringing over FaceTime and what it might do to its network.


FaceTime for the iPod touch 4

Okay, I know that you already know that FaceTime is coming for the new iPod touch 4, but its integration is pretty nice. It gets its own icon on the home screen. Even iPhone 4 owners will see some FaceTime improvement when they update to iOS 4.1 as FaceTime connections can be added to the favorites screen now. If you are wondering how FaceTime will work in the iPod touch, don’t fret. It uses your iTunes ID to identify you.

Unfortunately of iPad owners, iOS 4.1 will not be supported. iPads have to wait until November for iOS 4.2, but at least they get wireless printing and I am sure, some nifty iPad only features too.

Let me know what you think of HDR, HD YouTube uploading and the decision to use your iTunes ID for FaceTime.

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