So Much iOS Streaming

Apple appears to be moving quickly towards a streaming media system for iTunes and its iOS devices. Streaming media is certainly the future of entertainment, and Apple’s own products and those of third party developers are certainly moving towards the emerging trend. Besides just those $0.99 streaming television shows from iTunes, expect a whole bunch more in the world of streaming media in the near future.

Netflix’s iOS streaming system has already been verified to work over AirPlay by 9to5Mac. Once iOS 4.2 goes online in its official release version, Netflix will be able to stream video and audio to your television through the new Apple TV thanks to AirPlay. Excited? I am.

In other news, Apple’s grip on traditional media outlets seems to be ruffling some feathers. Warner’s CEO—Barry Meyer—has been quotted as saying that the $0.99 rental offerings on iTunes will hurt full season purchases. Guess what Meyer? You should be happy that people even bother to purchase your content. Ever hear of BitTorrent? Yeah. It might be illegal but if anything, the past ten years have shown that young people don’t really care if they pirate media. After all, they feel that it is overpriced and most of it is disappointing. Deliver a solid user experience like iTunes and decent prices for stuff that comes onto free television very quickly and people might actually pay for it. After all, commericals are so 1950s.

I don’t want to sound like I condone piracy—I don’t—but do studios really expect people to pay exorbiant prices for things that find their way online while the movie is still in theaters? The blackmarket for movies, television shows and music is stronger than ever. Studios should be happy to have a powerful distribution system already in place to stream their contect for decent prices through. I don’t care if it is iTunes, Android’s marketplace or anything else. The grip that old media has had over people has pretty much died thanks to highspeed internet. The government can only do so much to protect copyright holders. If they want to sell their content then they need to make it accessible and easy for users to do so.

Welcome to the age of streaming media. Love or hate Apple, you have to admit that the company is forcing media owners to distribute their content at reasonable prices. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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