iOS Devices Selling Like Hot Cakes

Apple’s iOS devices are selling in massive quanities. Think 120,000,000 of them so far. With such explosive growth, Apple is starting to make inroads as a gaming system as well. Of course, with 230,000 iOS activations a day, anyone would be hard pressed to keep up.

While Apple CEO Steve Job’s claim that the iPod touch is more popular than the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP is should be taken in context (132 million Nintendo DS’s have been sold alone) since he was referring to units being sold on a daily basis now, it is shocking that the iPhone has been attacked by Sony in commercials.

At the same time, app sales are going strong to the tune of 1.5 billion games and entertainment titles downloaded to iPod touches so far. The total number of apps downloaded across all iOS devices and categories is sitting at 6.5 billion but keeps picking up speed. With numbers like these, Apple doesn’t even have to sell as many units as Google with its Android OS to see a larger chunk of app store revenue.

It is hard to argue with the impressive numbers Jobs cited, but Google’s Android OS has passed Apple in terms smartphone market share in the US. The numbers do not yet reflect the launch of the iPhone 4, so Apple might even have a chance to surge pass in the statistics once this quarter ends and the results are compiled. It looks like unless Research In Motion (RIM) makes some changes with its BlackBerry lineup, it might get marginalized in the future. Microsoft’s coming Windows Mobile 7 will need to be quite polished to have a chance making a comeback for the company.

I really cannot add anything since the stats speak for themselves about Apple’s success. The smartphone market in the US really could end up between iOS and Android OS with the rest of the players fighting amongst themselves for a piece of the pie. Competition is good for consumers, and I have to say, smartphones keep getting more and more impressive and affordable. Keep up the good work guys and girls.

Are Apple and Google going to dominate? Should the mobile gaming companies start to worry? Let me know.

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