iOS and Back to the Mac: FaceTime Finally Comes to PCs and More

Apple is not content just to let the success of its iOS mobile platform sit there; it’s bringing it back to the Mac. What does that exactly mean? Think FaceTime on your computer and Mac OS X Lion getting features from iOS. Oh, and the app store is coming to the computer.


While it not yet part of iChat, the beta version of FaceTime for Mac is out. Be warned though that it is still very beta and has some security flaws at the moment. Hopefully Apple will decide that the next release will be for PCs as well. Otherwise, most people will be stuck using FaceTime on their iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4.

Mac App Store

The iTunes App Store has been a stunning success and is the envy of every other mobile company in the businesses. Apple wants to replicate this success on its Macintosh computers, and thus the Mac App Store is born. The Mac App store is going to be a cross between iOS and Mac OS X Lion. You’ll have a launch pad for your apps and they will run in full screen mode. The idea certainly is interesting, but I don’t know how well it will catch on when companies are still selling programs on CD and desktop users have gotten very used to the idea of just using their web browser to find them. iTunes App Store is nice, but not that nice.

The MacBook Air *cough* iPad’s Big Brother *cough*

The MacBook Air now has a refresh of its own, and its camera is now called a FaceTime camera. Okay… does Apple really think people are going to think the company invented video calling? I’m all for branding, but c’mon. Improved multi-touch gestures (like on your iOS device) will be supported on the Mac Book Air’s new glass touchpad but the screen is not getting turned into a touchscreen. Why? Steve Jobs thinks it’s too tiring to use after a while. Oh, and they’re all getting SSD Flash storage instead of a real HD. Kind of like the iPad…

So there you have it. Apple is “Going Back to the Mac” or whatever that means. If you’re already buying Apple PCs you’ll love the new features and upgrades to models. If you’re not then you’ll have to wait to see if you’ll be getting FaceTime. It was a nice release but what we really want from Apple is some of that streaming iTunes it has been promising and an iPad2.

Let me know what you think.

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