iOS App Roundup: Infinity Blade, Thoughts and Eternal Legacy

Quite a few interesting apps have come out recently for Apple’s iOS platform. ChAIR Entertainment’s highly anticipated game—Infinity Blade—was released yesterday. Just a day before that, Gameloft released an RPG called Eternal Lagacy that just screams Final Fantasy. Oh, and if your thumbs need a break from gaming on your iPhone, Jawbone launched its Thoughts app yesterday. This one isn’t a game. It’s basically a voice messaging system designed to preserve your fingers from excessive iPhone use.

Infinity Blade by ChAIR Entertainment

Screenshot of the iOS game Infinity Blade

As you can see from the screen shot, Infinity Blade is redefining what is possible on a smart phone. Of course to run the game you’re going to need at least an iPhone 3GS. Don’t even try this on older iPod touches or the iPhone 3G without being prepared for some disappointment. Making all the graphical beauty happen underneath is Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3. That’s the same technology that powered Bio Shock and Gears of War in case you didn’t get the memo.

Eternal Legacy by Gameloft

Battle screenshot of the iOS game Eternal Legacy

With 36 ratings so far, Eternal Legacy has 5/5 stars on iTunes. Impressive to say the least. With game play and aesthetic design that can only be compared to Japanese RPGS in their glory days—the 1990s to be exact—the Final Fantasy fan boys and girls might just have their favorite new hobby. Besides bashing on Square Enix that is.

Thoughts by Jawbone

Screenshot of the iPhone app Thought by JawboneThe premise of Thoughts is pretty simple. Instead of texting, just record and send a voice message to someone in your contacts list from the app. Even if they don’t have Thoughts, they can still get the messages through text message or email. Unfortunately, the app’s voice to text transcription feature requires ‘credits’. They are pretty cheap though ($3 for 100). Since Thoughts is free to download and use, no harm checking it out. Especially if your finger tips feel like they’re turning into Gorilla Glass from excessive texting on your iPhone.

***NOTE: Jawbone is saying that “Some issues observed on iPhone 3G devices; will be resolved in upcoming update” on Thought’s iTunes page. What kind of problems? One reviewer of the app posted an explanation–“I have iPhone 3G with the 4.2 OS in it. Doesn’t work. Jawbone icon shows up on my screen but when tapped, the Jawbone Thought ‘J’ comes up and then disappears leaving me back at the ‘desktop’.”

Let’s hope Jawbone clears this up pretty quickly. I hate to have to be the one to say it but the iPhone 3G looks like it’s sputtering along on its last legs now. I hope all the iPhone 3G owners out there get iPhone 4s for Christmas!

Oh, and Final Fantasy VI is still the best in the series.

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