iOS 4.2 Is Finally Here!

Apple finally released version 4.2 of iOS today and everything you wanted or expected in the update is there. AirPlay is finally here and the iPad finally can multitask. More details after the jump.

Now that iOS 4.2 has been released, iPad and iPhone/iPod touch users are finally running the same operating system. iOS users should rejoice at the new search option in Safari Mobile that finally allows searching for text inside of a webpage. That took long enough didn’t it? Unfortunately the implementation is a bit clunky. It’s better than nothing though and will really help when you’re looking through long documents and would normally be left cursing Apple because you can’t find the specific phrase or word that led you to a website.

AirPlay support requires an Apple TV with the iOS 4.2 update and an iOS device with the update as well. After everything is ready to go, users can stream media to their Apple TV’s from their device. Check out Apple’s explanation of how the whole thing works in the video below:

Like it? Going to buy an Apple TV just for it?

iPad Goodies

The iPad is the device that receives the most improvement with this release of iOS. Multitasking, a universal email inbox and Game Center all make an arrival. Folders too are now available on the iPad and up to 20 different apps can be arranged in them. Apple’s own iWork suite has also been updated to support iOS 4.2 today.

Yes, it is true—Apple has made the orientation lock button on the iPad a mute button. To access the orientation lock feature, users now have a software button accessible from the multitasking dock. It might take a little time for iPad owners to get used to, but it’s not that big of a deal. Besides, Steve Jobs has already declared that its staying in its new configuration so everyone might as well get used to it…

Over all, iOS 4.2 is a solid update even if it isn’t as big for the iPhone/iPod touch as it is for the iPad. Two questions remain now: how does the iPhone 3G perform with iOS 4.2 and is the PIN lock workaround really fixed? I’ll let you know tomorrow. In the meantime, let me know which iOS 4.2 feature you’re most excited about.

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