iOS 4.2 and the Coming 4.2.1 Update Already Jailbroken

No need to worry jailbreakers, the coming iOS 4.2 update has already been jailbroken. Worried that the new 4.2.1 version of iOS is up on Apple’s website for developers ahead of the launch of 4.2 is a bad sign? No worries there either. The hack implemented in GreenPosion and the rest of the jailbreaking tools for the iPhone exploit the hardware itself. Apple can’t release a software update to stop jailbreakers like it usually does; the company needs to release a redesigned product to thwart the hack.

This means that as soon as iOS 4.2.1 is released via iTunes, you will be able to load it up and jailbreak. Of course, when iOS 4.2.x is released the hackers will start work on their unlock for the iPhone 4. Because the software that operates the actual phone part of the iPhone is separate from the operating system, jailbreaking does not automatically make an iPhone able to operate on any GSM carrier (T-Mobile for example). Hackers have to release separate hacks that unlock the baseband software in the iPhone that runs the phone. The jailbreak for each version of iOS has to come out first however, before an unlock can be developed for it because without the ability to load custom software onto the device, there is no way to install the unlocking software.

Usually, jailbreaks take a lot longer than this to come out. It is very fortunate that the jailbreak will be available as soon as the new version of iOS is released. The current, publicly available version of iOS (4.1) has a well known security flaw that allows the bypassing of the security PIN lock. While full access to the device is not permitted, emails can be read and sent. Phone calls can also be made and the entire contacts list is available to access. The flaw is in the actual ‘Phone’ app that interfaces between the baseband software and the operating system. The security flaw isn’t technically in iOS but rather in the app that lets you use your phone. Complicated? Yeah, smartphones phones are now officially the most complicated gadgets on the market.

Get ready jailbreakers and unlockers, because pretty soon you will be able to enjoy all the features of iOS 4.2.1. AirPlay, AirPrint and multitasking on the iPad are just a few. So are most of the performance issues with iOS 4.x on the iPhone 3G. Yes, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief if you’re a 3G holdout. Of course, Game Center still isn’t on there but you can always get it through jailbreaking.

Remember, always backup before doing a jailbreak and make sure to read up on the topic first. Plenty of guides are available with a quick Google search. Don’t fall for the scam sites that try to charge you either. The hackers do this stuff for the iOS community, not to make a quick buck.

Gonna jailbreak as soon as iOS 4.2.1 hits the web? Let me know!

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