iOS 4.2 Finalized, Goes out to Developers


Apple’s coming iOS update, version 4.2 has gotten the ‘gold master’ or GM seal of approval and is now available for developers to download. The company has requested that developers recompile their apps, test them, and submit them to the iTunes App Store for approval on the new operating system. The long await iOS 4.2 brings plenty of new features to the table and a fix for the security flaw in the iPhone’s dialer that allows someone to bypass a PIN and use parts of the phone nearly instantly. Full details after the break.

Changes coming for the iPad with iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 is the one iOS to rule them all, or something like that. It is the first time that the iPad will be running the same version of iOS as the iPhone and iPod touch. That means multitasking. It also means no more physical orientation lock button. Apple has reconfigured it to now work as a mute button. Confusing for iPad owners, but a logical step nonetheless since the multitasking bar in iOS 4 lets you lock the orientation. Game Center support is now on the iPad with the new operating system as is a universal inbox and threaded emails. Oh and some improved IT features have made their way in. That might help against the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Cisco Cius.

Overall changes in iOS 4.2

Yes, Apple has fixed the security loophole that allowed the bypassing of a PIN being required to unlock the iPhone for use. The flaw allowed someone to access your contacts, send emails and make calls after only a few button presses. It is good that Apple got this fixed quickly.

Apple’s new AirPlay feature allows iOS devices to stream media from your iTunes library via Wi-Fi. Pretty nifty, but not quite as cool AirPrint. AirPrint finally allows you to print via Wi-Fi from your iOS device. Most printers will be supported as long as they are a local printer shared by a Mac or PC. Networked printers unfortunately will not be supported. But at least you get more fonts for the Notes app.

FaceTime is also now integrated into SMS so you can initiate a FaceTime call from a text message.

Like what you see? The update should be out in a week or two at the most so get ready. As always, make sure you fully backup your device first. Tell me which features you are most excited for in the comments, or which features you can’t believe Apple left out again.

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