iOS 4.1 to Supposedly Fix Proximity Sensor Problem and More

Apple released the second beta of its iOS 4.1 software last night and while no one has really had the time yet to figure out everything that this latest update changes, some interesting reports have come in. Remember, Apple does not release change logs, the documentation that shows what has been changed from past releases and what new features have been added. Developers are also under non-disclosure agreements, so their hands are tied. This leaves it to the brave folks who went ahead and installed it on their iPhones’ for the good of all, or something like that. Ready? Let’s see what iOS 4.1 Beta 2 does.

A Cult of Mac writer was one of the brave who went ahead and installed it on his iPhone 4. That iPhone 4 proximity sensor issue that you have been suffering from or at least just reading about? The writer claims that he suffered from the same problem with his phone and that the new beta update has fixed it. At the same time however, one thoughtful reader of this blog informed us in the comments of the above link that,

“I’m on my 3rd iP4 as well for prox problem. 3rd one is better than the last one and MUCH better than the launch day model. I’m thinking it’s HW at this point, as the last genius used a micro flashlight to show me how his co worker’s iP4 has lighter colored glass (over the prox sensor) than mine… the 2 available replacements had glass as dark as mine.”

Thanks for the information Jimmy.

This brings up questions of exactly how much Apple completely rushed and messed up the iPhone 4’s design. If the later released batches of the iPhone 4 really do have lighter glass over their proximity sensors, then perhaps Apple’s fix for the proximity sensor is two pronged. First by fixing some of the flawed hardware so that the proximity sensor works better and then releasing a software update that tunes the sensor to the lighter tinted glass or at least something to that effect.

iOS 4.1 Beta 2 also is apparently including a baseband update, which would render any unlocks for iPhones that update unusable and revert them to being only AT&T compatible. While the update will also allegedly fix some of those HSUPA (3.5G network) issues that have been plaguing iPhone 4 owners in certain regions of the country on specific AT&T network hardware configurations, this information conflicts with AT&T’s claims that it has the fix itself and it will roll out in the next two to three weeks. Is this all just an elaborate ploy between Apple and AT&T to make sure that iPhone 4 owners update their smartphone’s firmware to prevent them from using another network? Rumor has it that the iPhone 4 may be compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G network and T-Mobile is working on its own 3.5G network. Remember, jailbreaking and unlocking phones is completely legal now, thanks to the good folks over in the Library of Congress and their recent amendment to copyright law.

Please, weigh in via the comments and let us know what you think of all this. You might want to hold off on any iPhone 4 updates that come out if you are wanting to unlock your new phone. Then again, you might be forced to just to get your iPhone 4 to work like promised.

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