New iOS 4.1 will be Jailbroken Soon: Bootrom Exploit Found

It was just yesterday that I wrote that iOS 4.1 would be jailbroken soon. Good news is here just the day after iOS 4.1 was officially released, in the form of a bootrom exploit that has already been found. To be fair, it was probably found in the iOS 4.1 pre-release that developers have been fiddling around with for a little while now. The hackers don’t like to tip Apple off about what they discover until official releases come out, since by then its too late for Apple to do anything for a while.

The news gets even better actually. Boy Genius Report has announced that from what one of their sources has told them, Apple would have to redesign the bootroms for all of their new models to keep hackers at bay. Basically, if you have any current iOS device, it will always be jailbreakable. Of course, if you are the worrying type, stay clear of iOS 4.1 until an actual jailbreak is released just to be safe.

I cannot keep stressing enough the fact that since jailbreaking and unlocking smartphones was declared legal by the US Government earlier this year. A whole new age of open platforms and cat and mouse games between developers, hackers and smartphone companies has opened up. Remember when the iPhone didn’t have an app store? Now there are other app stores with paid apps besides just iTunes. Of course, to enter the world of non-Apple approved software, you need to be willing to do a little hacking, but its actually quite simple.

No word yet as to when the new batch of iOS 4.1 jailbreaks will come rolling out, but expect soon. Very soon actually. It looks like for every new iOS release, the hackers get better and better at finding any flaws in Apple’s designs to exploit. Remember the last jailbreak? The one that worked from the browser? This is kind of getting a little funny Apple. Did you really expect to make such a popular product and be able to compete against its highly skilled fans?

Let me know if you are considering upgrading to iOS 4.1 and if you consider jailbreaking a viable option for your iOS device.

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