The iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Still in Testing, but it Works on the iPod touch 4

A jailbreak that works on iOS 4.1 just got another step closer to completion. The method being tested for the new version of Apple’s operating system is called ‘SHAtter.’ This jailbreak method was developed by a hacker that goes by the handle ‘@pod2g’ and uses a weakness in the bootROM of iOS devices. Long story short? Apple can’t stop it unless it fixes future models to patch the weakness. All iOS devices already manufactured are vulnerable.

The big news today is that the beta version of the jailbreak using the SHAtter exploit has managed to trick a new iPod touch 4 into loading in what the iPhone Dev-Team (the hacker group working on the jailbreak) wanted. Think the Cydia App Store and the rest of that good jailbreak stuff. The group even has a YouTube video up showing off the jailbroken iPod. Don’t worry; I’ve got it at the bottom.

While some the iPhone 4 users out there are wondering what good jailbreaking the iPod touch 4 is, we should keep in mind that since the two devices are so similar, an iPod jailbreak means its sister iPhone model will be the next to fall.

There is no word yet when the jailbreak will be ready for mass consumption, but expect it to appear in the very near future. It is being tested right now, but the initial results are looking better and better. Apple’s decision to keep iOS a closed operating system isn’t capable of standing up to the hackers. People want jailbreaks, so they will get them.

Let me know if you will jump on this jailbreak as soon as it is available. Going to be jailbreaking your iPhone 4 or your iPod touch 4? What about the older iOS devices you have lying around the house? iOS 4.1 sure does look pretty good…

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