iOS 4.1 GreenPois0n Jailbreak Working Just Fine

Now that Apple’s iOS version 4.1 has been hacked, jailbroken and that jailbreak released to the world in the form of Limera1n and GreenPois0n, the big question is: how well does it work? I’m glad to be able to report that GreenPois0n works excellently. In fact, version ‘RC 4’ is out right now. The new version is more stable and even works on the iPod touch 2G.

This morning I decided that I might as well just bite the bullet and start upgrading my jailbroken iOS devices. My old iPod touch 2G (which was not supported with the first release of GreenPois0n) has been languishing with iOS 3.x for far too long and since iOS 4.1 is supposed to be much more iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G friendly than iOS 4.0, I decided to take the chance. (As always, before doing any operating system upgrades or jailbreaking/unlocking, backup your device.)

Updating my iPod touch to iOS 4.1 only took about 15 minutes and I was soon ready to begin the jailbreaking process. The last time I jailbroke my iPod touch, I ended up getting stuck with a ‘tethered jailbreak’. That means every time I had to reboot the device, I had to plug it into BlackRa1n to get it to startup. Otherwise it would just stay stuck at the iTunes restore screen.

Fortunately, GreenPois0n works like a charm. The onscreen instructions were quite simple and the whole jailbreaking process only took about 10 minutes. While my device was spewing out error warnings in command line during the jailbreak process and worried thoughts of accidental bricking kept running through my head, nothing bad happened. GreenPois0n did its job on the first try and I’ve been in iOS 4.1 heaven ever since.

Surprisingly, iOS 4.1 runs like a dream so far on the iPod touch 2G. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it works better than iOS 3.x. While my judgment might be skewed since I’ve had this jailbroken and running jailbroken, multitasking apps for over a year (they do slow things down on the older hardware), it feels as fast as the day I first turned it on. Slightly faster possibly. Screen transitions and special effects are a tad choppy sometimes, but the apps still load as fast as they did before. I don’t mind trading a little bit of aesthetic beauty for folders.

I’ll wait to update my iPhone until an unlock comes out for iOS 4.1 and baseband issues are cleared up, but for those of you apprehensive about jailbreaking iOS 4.1, don’t be. This is possibly the fastest and easiest to use jailbreak I’ve ever done. Thank you Chronic Dev Team and GeoHot.

P.S. iOS 4.1 is definitely worth the update.

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