Interactive BlackBerry OS 6 Launch from Verizon a Fake

Yesterday was supposed to be the glorious day when Verizon Wireless would hold some type of launch event for BlackBerry OS 6. BGR claimed to have an exclusive and things were going to be all right in the world if you were a BlackBerry owner. Finally, BB OS 6 was supposed to be coming or at least announced. Guess what? General consensus is that the whole thing was a sham. Yep, that picture stating October 14, 10AM to 3PM being the “interactive launch” time was photoshopped.

On closer examination of the picture—and I admit I feel a bit sheepish for being believing it too—you might notice that it incorrectly uses the word ”Your” instead of “You’re.” Verizon Wireless also puts in the time zone referenced when it gives out times on invitations. While some type of BlackBerry OS update is scheduled for 6PM EST for the Bold 9650, Tour 9630 and Curve 8530, don’t expect it to be BB OS 6.

I did a little digging around on Verizon’s website for some type of information on the launch event today since I saw nothing yesterday at all when it was supposed to come out. Only a couple of posts on the BlackBerry section of Verizon’s forum mentioned the supposed OS 6 launch event and the reply to one that was marked as “solved” for the OS 6 inquiry said,

“I think that ad was a hoax that someone planned elaborately. Someone used the logos and made up a fake advertisement with Photoshop. I would think whenever Verizon plans to release OS 6, there will be an announcement somewhere on their website.  I never [saw] an advertisement of any kind for that ad.”—StreetDocRN

Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up.

While Verizon should be updating its BlackBerry smartphones to OS 6 in the near future, it looks like we are all still out of luck. Of the three phones getting an OS update tonight, two are not scheduled for OS 6 at all anyway. Only the Bold 9650 has the specs to even try running the improved OS.

I know, this is a sad day for anyone waiting to get BlackBerry OS. It looks like we will all just have to be a little more patient. Why is this taking so awful long? Let me know what you think.

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