Intel and Acer Team Up Create the Liquid C1 Heads To Southeast Asia

When Intel and Android get together, the outcome can only be awesome right? Currently there are nine smart phones that are running with Intel inside. Most recently Motorola and Intel teamed up to produce two variations of the RAZR i but Intel’s plans on moving into the mobile space did not stop there. Just a few short weeks back at CES the company announced a new mobile Atom Z240 chipset that was created for the “value smartphone” market place. Smooth processing and low power is the name of the game and the Atom Z240 is designed with just that in mind.

While Intel was busy showing off their latest processor, prying eyes like Engadget.Com were wondering what this wonderful little Acer smart phone was doing lurking around the company’s booth. A few short weeks later and the Acer Liquid C1 is an official Intel Inside Android smart phone headed for Southeast Asia. The Liquid C1 uses a 4.3 inch screen to give its end users full touchy access to Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Liquid C1 will also come packing an 8 mega pixel camera with a few tricks up its sleeve like, a burst shot mode. The 1.2 GHz Atom Z240 processor brings Android optimization and low power requirements that claim 9 hour 3G talk times from a 2000 mAh battery, add in its low price point of 9,990 baht ($335.27). The Liquid C1 will be made available in Thailand in February and surrounding Southeast Asian markets in the “very near future”. The Liquid C1 runs with HSPA+ 3G capabilities and Intels move to LTE is seemingly a ways off. Intels inward roads to the mobile market unfortunately have not been easy, however providing pretty awesome handsets in highly emerging markets may prove to help their cause along.

Anyone interested in an Intel based smart phone? I know we are. Sound off in the comments below and remember the very best in Android accessories are here.

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