inPulse Watch for BlackBerrys Being Assembled

The inPulse watch that connects to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth is actually being assembled now. The company—which goes by the same name as the watch—making these beauties already missed a February estimate for when they would ship. However, the parts have arrived and the watches are being assembled as you read. Testing still has to be done, but expect the inPulse to go on sale soon.

For those who have not been following what exactly the inPulse promises, here is your answer. The smartwatch (catchy, I know), works as a companion for your BlackBerry smartphone. Via Bluetooth link, it works as a nifty screener for calls, texts and emails. Whenever you receive one of these, a notification pops up on its color screen, giving you the option of whether or not you want to respond or answer. While the watch does not let you speak through it like a spy, it is an impressive concept that should make some BlackBerry owners very happy.

The smartwatch might even herald a new age in smart technology. If your watch can be smart and link to your smartphone, why not eventually make everything smart? While I know a lot of smart technology is available—especially when it comes to saving electricity and settings in your house—most of it is outrageously expensive. We want personal electronic devices and we want them now; at a price that the average Joe can afford.

Personally, I look forward to the day when every appliance communicates to a central home server via Wi-Fi. Lights, heating, air conditioning, oven, you name it. When everything is smart, our lives will be much easier. Or more difficult. As long as the designers remember KISS, we should be good.

While you wait for your smartclothes and smarthomes, drop a comment and let me know if you are interested in the inPulse (or at least the concept).

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