Finally! The inPulse Smartwatch Goes Closed Beta—Coming Soon for All

I have been writing about the inPulse—a smartwatch that connects to a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth—since July. Guess what? Some very lucky closed beta customers have actually gotten their inPulse smartwatches! It took long enough, I know. But what is even better, is that one was kind enough to video the unboxing. Thank you Topspeedtop!

Before the video, here is a quick run through the specs of the inPulse:

  • (HxWxD) 51mm x 38mm x 12mm
  • 1.3” OLED display
  • Glass lens and fully metal body
  • Polyurethane wrist strap
  • Micro-USB port for charging
  • Wireless firmware updates
  • 150 mAh Li-ion battery (estimated at 4 days usage per charge, assuming 20-30 updates a day)
  • Vibrating alert

Okay, now the videos I promised:

Part I


Part II

Anyone else excited by the inPulse? It has been delayed over and over again, but finally looks like it might ship soon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Since we finally have a video of it running, we know it is not vaporware.

What is really interested about the inPulse is its single button navigation system. Doing things like setting the time and alarms are done through your BlackBerry that it Bluetooth connects to. The other settings like what kind of alarms to play when you receive an SMS, email or call are also set on your BlackBerry. However, the single button the side of the inPulse is used to select messages and calls on the device. A single touch of the button selects while holding it down opens what you selected. Nifty, but it looks like it might take a little while to learn how to use efficiently.

The big question is: do you want one? The idea of a watch that connects to your smartphone certainly is interesting, but to actually do anything you still have to pull your BlackBerry out of your pocket. For this smartwatch category to grow, we need some touchscreen watches that can do things on their own. While a screen small enough to fit on your wrist might not be up to the task of actually entering text through (unless some type of T9 predictive texting makes its way in), a manufacturer could certainly put a small microphone in and let your smartphone decode what you are saying, then send the text back to the smartwatch for you to see. Food for thought.

Tell me in the comments if you are interested in the inPulse, smartwatches in general, or still quite happy just checking your phone for messages.

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