India ready to finally pull the plug on RIM’s Blackberry

India and RIM have become best of frien-enemies over the past few months. Last year India called for RIM the maker of the famed Blackberry to ‘open’ there secured servers to the country or face perment banning of their money making Blackberry devices. In response RIM let India and the world know that even they do not have ‘access’ to the information on their BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) which in turn makes the Blackberry line up the most secure set of smart phones available to the market. India’s population is just under 1.2 billion people and in many attempts to keep these billions of people as potential customers RIM has gone out of their way to please the Indian government. Early December 2010 RIM gave India full access to its legendary BBM –Blackberry Messenger services. BBM is a Blackberry only instant messenger service that is hugely popular the world over. This however, was simply not enough for India claiming they need access to RIM’s BES, which RIM themselves do not have. Later that month responding to some inaccurate reports RIM stated “There will be no change to the security model of BES.” Essentially stating that changing their security model would be the only way to give India the access they are requesting and in turn indirectly letting India know that they will not get the access to the Blackberry Enterprise Servers and the show goes on.

Today India’s Home Secretary Gopal K. Pillai bumped this post to reports stating, “It’s not a question of their giving access. Under law, they have to give access, everybody has to give access,” he then further reiterated the countries stance on RIM’s BES saying “Whoever gives access will be allowed to operate. Whoever does not give access will not be allowed to operate.” 

In case you may be wondering why India feels the need to access their countrymen’s information, a simple word to sum it up would be terrorists. It is well known that terrorists the world over use cellular devices to communicate. In an attempt to keep an eye on these terrorists within India, the country requested access to emails and other normally secure data to all companies doing business within the country. They were met with little resistance until they got to RIM and to be fair it’s not nessicarally resistance coming from RIM as they themselves cannot access the information on the servers.

How this will play out in the end is anyone’s guess at this point, however, it seems that India is indeed ready to pull the plug on Blackberries. If this does occur the price of a functional Blackberry in India will skyrocket and will most likely cause a whole new mess for the Indian government to clean up. Let us know what you think of the whole mess.

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