Incredible users get your update on

pic via Driod-Life

If you are one of the many customers waiting for the Droid Incredible to ship from Verizon you might find comfort in the fact that Verizon is sending you an apology letter and a twenty five dollar gift card.  But what should make you even happier is the over the air update that should release soon.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Droid Incredible saga, let me fill you in real quick. So Verizon launched a most Incredible HTC device a few months back. The Incredible sports a Samsung AMOLED screen which by all means is not the easiest thing to manufacture in high numbers. So what this turned into was multiple Verizon customers looking for the next best thing, only to be put on a waiting list as the manufacturing process has delayed the phones availability. Verizon being the customer orientated company that they are, started to give these patiently waiting customers some options. After the official announcement of their new Motorola Droid X, Verizon let the Incredible waiting customers’ know, that if they would like to change their minds and pick up a Droid X they would be able to change their order at no extra cost. This by itself was a great option and a good decision on Verizon’s end as they are giving what most customers want, options (take notice Apple).  It not quite clear as to how many Incredible waiting customers changed their order to a Droid X, but Verizon took it a step further to the ones who chose to wait. Issuing letters of apology about the delay and giving the list of customers a twenty five dollar Verizon gift card.

If you are an Incredible waiting Verizon customer, well then keep reading. Droid-Life reported today that the wait just might have been worth it, as an OTA (over the air) update for the Incredible will be available soon. The update will reportedly address some of the most common requests.  With this update your Droid Incredible can now be used as a mobile hot spot, the camera will now record in 720p.

pic via Droid-Life

There is no official date on when this update will be avalible so keep an eye out.

I could imagine there might be some more features that will come with this update, but only time will tell.

Are you waiting on your Droid Incredible?  How long have you been waiting?

This update should make the wait even that much better, tell us what you think about this update.

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