iGate: iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Known During Design

Listen here before you throw your iPhone 4 against a wall because you lose your signal every time you try to hold the phone with a bare hand—Apple knew that the antenna had problems while it was designing it. Okay, now you can throw your $300 smartphone. Feel better? Stop crying. It is just a cell phone. That super strong new plastic stuff on the touchscreen is supposed to keep it from splintering like that anyway.

Bloomberg is reporting that Ruben Caballero—an antenna expert and senior engineer with Apple—told Apple’s management that the newly redesigned antenna could hinder cellular reception back during early meetings before the phone’s ultimate design was finalized. Apple simply did not listen. That is not all either for this “iGate” saga.

An unnamed carrier partner (possibly even AT&T) mentioned to Apple that it thought the new antenna might have problems before the iPhone 4 launched. Strike two Apple. Besides, you guys test this stuff before you sell it to 1.7 million customers in the first 3 days right? The next thing you know, you will be censoring forum comments on your website that you do not like. Oh wait, you already did that.

As more details keep emerging in this story, I will keep you posted. Keep your fingers crossed for good news from Apple’s press conference this Friday, as iOS 4.0.1 is expected to make an appearance. Whether or not the iOS update will fix the majority of antenna reception issues has yet to been seen, but initial reports from the iOS 4.1 beta that already came out learn towards no.

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