Hulu Plus on the iPhone

Hulu, the popular free streaming video website, has finally released an app that allows iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) powered device users access to all the fun. The only catch? It will cost you $10 a month. Oh, and you will still have to suffer through advertisements. Ouch.

The good news though, is that Apple has finally gotten a streaming video service. Apple CEO Steve Job’s decision not to support Adobe Flash Player on iOS powered devices has been seen by some as a mistake. After all, the majority of streaming content online is in Flash format. But with this new option, we can all finally enjoy some of our favorite television shows on the go.

The Hulu Plus service that the new app uses does not go online probably until sometime in July, but it does give you something for your $10 a month. Namely, full current seasons of shows will be available. Oh, and older shows like The X-Files will have their entire libraries available. That’s right, no more of this “four current available episodes” nonsense that annoys me to no end. Until the Hulu Plus service is available though, the free app is offering some episodes and clips as a preview. Addicting us to streaming video on our iPhones until you start charging Hulu?

Since BlackBerry users have recently gotten BitBop, it looks like the streaming video for smartphones market is going to be a little fractured. Additional  options are always welcome though, since it forces companies to improve their services to compete. Personally, I am hoping that Apple has a top-secret, free streaming video service through iTunes somewhere in the works. If that ever actually does happen, then Apple might really become the undisputed king of digital media.

One last bit of information: the Hulu Plus service will eventually be available on nearly all platforms, including gaming consoles.

So, will you be downloading a copy of Hulu Plus for your iOS powered device? Waiting until the full service comes out? Turned off by the $10 a month price tag? Let me know.

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