Huawei offering up some reasonably priced Froyo with there new Ideos

You may not know much of the company Huawei, but what you should know is they are indeed a force within the mobile industry. Huawei was one of the three or four companies that had the potential to buy up Palm. Unfortunately for Huawei, HP’s pockets were probably a little deeper. Let me ponder for a second what the industry would be seeing right now, if Huawei picked up Palms assets. Well it didn’t happen, but all things considered if that transaction did take place, well this new Ideos handset may have been a little bit different.

Huawei has announced that they will be launching a new Froyo rocking device called the Ideos. The Ideos comes into fruition as of yesterday where it was formally announced by the company at the IFA in Berlin. The Ideos device comes fully equipped with all the stuff’s you would expect from smart phone of the day. The Ideos is a 2.8 inch touch screen device, with a 320×240 resolution, a 3.2MP camera, a 528MHz processor, HSDPA 3G, Hotspot, Wi-Fi and a micro SD memory card slot. The Ideos will become available in few different colors, black, yellow, blue, and purple will all be available at the time of launch. Oh and the name? “The name “IDEOS” embodies creativity and inspiration: the “ID” represents the industrial design-centric hardware platform, the “OS” represents the operating system as the core software platform, and the “E” symbolizes the evolution to mobile Internet”. Sounds very, compelling? At least the name has true meaning, not that, that means much, but adds a little character. What would be probably the best part about the new Ideos is it will be priced at or around 150 to 175 bucks, which makes this a pretty affordable Android device. Oh and before you get all crazy about the prices and specs, etc,  keep in mind that there is no “skin” or Huawei built software slapped on this thing. It’s pure Google Android OS, kind of like the Nexus One. Huawei supposedly built the model in tight conjunction with Google and did not want their users to be subject to waiting for updates. The Ideos will be made available sometime in October.

Are you Intersted in the new Ideos? Let us know what you think of the new Ideos.

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