The Huawei Ascend Mate Makes Impromptu Appearance before official Launch


CES is an exciting convention that brings the best out of tech manufacturers and it seems that this year’s show may not disappoint. Earlier this week a few of ZTE’s plans leaked into the forefront of the press. The Grand X made its way to the FCC, while the Grand S made itself visible in a few different ways but Huawei, one of ZTE’s native competitors has a few gadgets to show off as well! Huawei who is well known for producing handsets from one end of the spectrum to the other has let world in on the Huawei Ascend Mate!

A few days before the big jolly man made is worldly journey to deliver joy, Richard Yu the Senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies took it upon himself to show off the highly anticipated Ascend Mate phablet. The Huawei brass whipped out the oversized smart phone at a Huawei retail store in china and all hell broke loose…ok not really. Back in October rumors of a Huawei phablet brewing came into light and earlier this month the Mr. Yu attempted to warn potential Galaxy Note II buyers of their likely mistake. Citing the Note II as “grossly overpriced”, it would seem that Huawei’s attempt at quelling its competition may have been a day late and a dollar short. But that’s not stopping the company plans on the Ascend Mate. The new oversized Ascend Mate starts with a 6.1 inch touch screen. Yes, six point one inches. The screen as expected offers up a 1920×1080 HD resolution at 361 pixels per inch, a pretty awesome screen! Internally the Ascend Mate will include the companies own, 1.8 GHz HiSilicon K3 V3 quad core processor and 2GB of RAM. Additionally we can expect a tablet sized battery measuring in at 4000 mAh. While the remaining details will be left for CES, it’s worth noting that all of this awesome is stuffed in a 9.9 mm thin build and should be priced at ¥3,000 which would run you about $480 in freedom bucks. Unfortunately details stop there, but CES is only a few weeks away and surely the Ascend Mate will make headlines again soon! Check out the video below for a closer view of the Ascend Mate.

The real question is anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of a 6.1 inch smart phone! Any takers let us know what you think below and before your run, be sure to check out all the best in Huawei accessories today!

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