Huawei’s entry level Android running Froyo

So there is a lot of talk going around about powerful mobile devices. The new EVO’s, iPhones and Droid X’s of the world are outing the little guys. The end users that don’t need to be able to run a rendering farm from their phones.  Remember the good old days before where phones did simple things, like make phone calls and send texts and that’s it?

Well Huawei is seemingly attempting to help fill that void with their new entry level android that has recently been spotted in wild. Engadget China has reported and posted a picture of what seems to be a small but powerful entry level Android phone. The little nameless phone is much a mystery, sans a name and a direction in regard to carrier, the only information that was released with the pictures was that the little droid will be flaunting a 2.8″ QVGA capacitive touch screen, 3G capabilities and a 3.2 mega pixel camera. The pictures of the leaked phone are supposedly about two months early as it’s rumored to hit the Chinese market sometime in August. Now the phone seems very small and will most likely be a hit with mid to entry level smart phone users. However the most appealing feature of this little Android is that it is seemingly running the Android operating system 2.2 or Froyo.  This by itself would make even a high level user “heart” the little Droid.

The little Huawei Android looks very appealing for younger sector and will most likely flourish in a slew of color options, this is purely based on my own observation of that radiant blue covering the backside of the Huawei Android.

So only time will tell where this little guy will end up, but we can rest assured it will most likely land a US version sometime in the future.

Tell me what you think of this little Android, look appealing to you? I know you think it’s cute to say the least.

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