The Huawei Activa 4G LTE Comes To Metro PCS

Initially fourth generation cellular connectivity was reserved for the well to do or really, those who could afford it. Metro PCS has been launching some excellent 4G devices with the help of manufacturers like Samsung and LG. With devices like the Samsung Attain and the LG Connect strengthening the 4G line up over at Metro PCS it looks like Huawei wants in as well. Bringing 4G to the masses has long since been achieved, the next step is making it affordable and Metro PCS is helping lead the way into that future. Huawei has introduced their newly announced Activa 4G as their first 4G LTE device that will run with Metro PCS and be super affordable.

The Huawei Activa was announced late last week under the wings of the budget friendly Metro PCS carrier. So what does this new amazing little smart phone have to offer? Well, first and formost, affordability. The Huawei Activa provides a solid smart phone experience with 4G LTE connectivity for next to nothing, when compared to other 4G LTE options of course. The Activa starts with a perfectly sized 3.5 inch HVGA LCD touch screen display that offers up a 320×480 pixel resolution at 165 pixels per inch. Internally the Activa is packing in all it needs to stay connected. Firstly, it starts with the likes of Android version 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Delving a bit deeper shows us that a single core 800 MHz chipset will give Android its go. But that solid and more than capable processor is backed by the likes of 151 MB of RAM and expandable micro SD memory up to 32 GB. Around back the Huawei Activa packs in a 5 mega pixel camera and LED flash that comes with features like Geo Tagging, and video recording capabilities. Up front, a .3 mega pixel or VGA quality front facing camera is available for all your video conferencing needs. Additional details give the Huawei Activa connectivity features like GPS positioning, built in Navigation thanks to Android, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a micro USB charge and sync connection. The Huawei Activa will ship pre loaded with a 4GB micro SD card. Luckily for anyone picking up the Activa, this memory card will come with a digital copy of the best move ever, Kung-Fu Panda 2. The Huawei Activa is available now for the low price of $149 bucks. That’s contract and commitment free. The Huawei Activa is available now, but that $149 price tag has been branded as a “limited time” offer, so you may want to jump on it now if you’re interested.

So? Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new super affordable 4G LTE smart phone. Oh and remember folks, the very best in Huawei accessories are here.


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