Mysterious HTC WP7 device in the wild sans its Sense

Microsoft has been in its mobile lab for awhile cooking up Windows Phone 7, which has been showing itself off for the past few months. Via leaks or information coming right from the horse, most that are paying attention are indeed interested in the outcome of WP7. A recent leak shows off an HTC device running WP7 and the launch can be smelled in the air.

WP7 has gone from, “ehh no one will care” to a “ok lets see it” situation, mainly thanks to strategic leaking and information released about the new operating system. Last week Microsoft officially announced the manufacturers that will be on the WP7 team upon release of the OS. Sunday an anonymous tipster via Engadget.Com sent in pictures of what seems to be an HTC device running WP7. The HTC device does not show any signs however of HTC Sense, the mysterious HTC device running sans sense is presumed to be a developer build and is most likely a mule to test and retest developing apps. With pictures of the mystery device also comes a couple small bits of information from the Engadget tipper, the source tells Engadget that the three buttons on the bottom of the unit (see picture) are indeed touch sensitive and the mystery device sports an 8 mega pixel camera.

The mystery device pictured is a window into the future of what WP7 will look like but will most likely have skins via HTC. There are a lot of rumors circulating around about the who’s, what’s, where’s and whys of WP7 but one thing is for sure, only time will tell. With devices as sexy and snazzy as the mystery device pictured as well as the anticipation of all the other manufacturers getting their WP7 devices out it looks like the boys at Microsoft are not playing around.

WP7 phone in your future?                                                                                                                                     

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