HTC WP7: Codename Schubert

So the hype surrounding the new WP7 devices is coming to a bubble with this one. Hot on the heels of the rumored Asus hardware that is supposedly running WP7 we see this new HTC device that is surely good looking to say the least.

Recently in a small barrage of video leaks, the guys over at have shown off what looks to be an HTC Desire HD. But they did not stop there, a different site, presumably from the same network has also leaked out a supposed new WP7 device. This new WP7 device is looking good. The new Schubert’s shell is said to be made from a solid block of aluminum and is quite obviously running WP7. The new Windows Phone 7 unit in the video is being called the HTC “Schubert” and is vaguely similar to the Nexus One model in design and shape. The HTC “Schubert” looks to be running a pre-released version of WP7 and making the anticipation of WP7 that much greater. Unfortunately the sites insider has not answered to, too many details about this new WP7 device. However, the rumor is that the Schubert will be making its way to the marketplace later this year. But only time shall tell.

The designs of the new WP7 phones that are rumored to be releasing are indeed “sexy” so it looks like Microsoft may have gotten that memo. From the Asus WP7 device leaked last week to this Schubert beauty, things are looking good, at least from a hardware point of view. Now hopefully WP7 itself runs as smoothly and offers up some real competitive OS features. Let’s hold our breath now, ok don’t do that. Breathe in and let’s just wait ok?

Are these leaked WP7 devices intriguing you?

Ohh and check out the video of the Schubert in action,

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