HTC Gets its WP7 Handsets to Work—Delay Canceled

Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system has managed to survive its first hiccup unscathed. HTC has announced that it will not be delaying the release of its first five Windows Phone 7 (WP7) handsets.  The first three—including the Desire series—had been rumored in Taiwanese media to be suffering from a software problem that made them turn themselves off.

New operating systems are always tricky things, and it is good to see that HTC has gotten the bugs ironed out. You might want to wait however until the expected January update to WP7. Think of it is service pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft Windows.  You just know Microsoft will be leaving things out or screwing things up because it is so anxious to get a new software product to market.

Copy and paste aren’t going to appear until January but the update will also bring other features including navigation software. Hey now, you can cut them some slack. At least the Microsoft will be supporting the Macintosh as a platform to sync your WP7 smartphone. Overall, the new OS still does look polished and not iOS or Android OS enough to look like a copycat.

From an HTC spokesperson:

Previous reports of an HTC Windows Phone 7 delay are inaccurate…we will be shipping this week with Vodafone, Orange and 02

Fair enough HTC. Your recent successes with Google’s Android should translate well into Microsoft’s new OS. Expect WP7 devices to all be higher spec’d than many Android handsets on the market. Microsoft is forcing its WP7 smartphone makers to use very high resolution screens and include 720HD video recording abilities. Not to mention the 1 GHz processors in all of them.

While we will all have to wait and see to make sure HTC’s claim that the software problems are fixed is true or not, there shouldn’t be a delay getting your WP7 smartphone from the company. WP7 handsets should start showing up in the US around the end of the month. Why smartphone manufacturers like HTC and Palm/HP have decided to start launching in foreign countries before the US lately is still a mystery. Is it to get bugs ironed out before all of us here complain and give the device a bad rep? Is it simply easier to get supply chains going overseas? Do carriers have less contractual nonsense for manufacturers to comply with aboard? Hmm.

Let me know what you think. Ready to get your WP7 groove on?

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