HTC Windows Phone 8X Accessory Options Galore!

Your new HTC Windows Phone 8X is quite possibly one of the best Windows Phone’s to date. It’s amazing build and legendary color options let it and you stand out from the crowd. Not only does the 8X separate you from the heard, it is also a performer with all the right tricks up its sleeve to get you through a day. The design on the 8X provides its users with a 4.3 inch screen that is embedded into a single piece of polycarbonate plastic. While its body is indeed made of a highly durable material, the 8X may need some protecting, a bit of a charge from time to time and maybe even sync or two. Luckily for you we carry all the best in original, aftermarket and OEM HTC Windows Phone 8X accessories to ensure your new smart phone is in tip, top working order whenever you need it to be.

In the mysterious case of a damaged smart phone, the clue that is usually absent is a lack of protection! We carry a wide selection of HTC Windows Phone 8X Cases and Covers that will easily protect your phone in the event of a drop, and maybe add a bit of functionality. Let’s take a look at a few. Take this awesome HTC Windows Phone 8X Book Style Leather Case by Monaco for example. This perfect bike is comprised of genuine cowhide leather that is hand crafted with double enforced stitches. It is built on a durable bind that opens the case to expose the phone. It sports a magnetic and button reinforced closure and also has an optional belt clip. With a case like this you can ensure your new smart phone is not only safe, but close by. If the leather proves to be a bit too much for your tastes, no worries as we have many other options, like these HTC Windows Phone 8X Hybrid Case with Snap Stand. Offered in black and grey, white and grey, red and grey and pink and grey this slim case offers up some awesome protection. Its inner piece is made of a hard polycarbonate plastic that is sure to keep the surface of your device safe and scratch free, while its outer layer is made of a softer more shock absorbent gel or TPU style material that will absorb and dissipate any unwanted shock that comes in contact with the phone. Around back of this perfect new case is a very unique Snap style kickstand that only needs a simple push to allow vertical and horizontal multimedia viewing options.  With one of these two options, or another from our many choices, you will indeed be keeping your new smart phone safe and sound.

Next up is power! Keeping your new HTC Windows Phone 8X 4 fully charged and ready at the helm will prove to be worth its weight in gold, and sometimes a challenge. But have no fear as we carry all the best HTC Windows Phone 8X chargers and battery packs you could ever need. Take this simple but highly effective HTC Windows Phone 8X Travel Charger with Micro USB Cable for example. This perfect charger can of course plug into any standard wall outlet and provide your device the charge it needs. Simply connect the provided micro USB cable to the charger, then of course to your phone and you’re in business. Also keep in mind this charger can charge any standard mobile USB powered device. From digital cameras, to smart phones of any brand, all you’ll need is the right cable. We can also help for those times when you’re far from a wall outlet. This HTC Windows Phone 8X BB G400 External Battery Bank is a perfect companion for your new phone. Give this battery bank a full charge and you’ll have 3000 mAh of raw phone power on tap whenever, and wherever you may need it. Simple and effective chargers like these are the types of accessories you only wish you had at the worst time.

With a bit of protection and solid charge your HTC Windows Phone 8X is ready for prime time. So go check out all the best of our HTC Windows Phone 8X Accessories today.

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