HTC Vision is a Full QWERTY Android

A new HTC Android phone has made it way to the rumor mill and is sporting a full QWERTY keypad. The HTC Vision being spotted was initially leaked on a Croatian blog called What they have pictured is a full QWERTY Android device offered up by HTC.

We have seen many HTC phones released in the past with a full QWERTY keypad; however these releases usually ran Windows Mobile operating systems. The information on the leaked pictures is far from official and the device in the pictures is definitely showing signs of being a prototype. The sources at the Croatian blog have stated that the HTC Vision is running a 1GHZ processor, sporting a 3.7 inch touch screen and using Androids OS version 2.1. The pictured Vision is quite obviously using a full QWERTY keypad which is extremely similar to that of recent full QWERTY HTC phones, think Touch Pro 2. The HTC Vision in the picture is also sporting an optical track pad and it seems that it is using a SIM card.  

A new HTC Android phone seems to show its face nearly twice a month and this Vision is seemingly not an exception. The HTC Vision made news last month as a rumored device that only showed up in the form of “a user agent profile”. But now we have visual confirmation of the new full QWERTY HTC Android. The HTC Vision is surely not the most appealing at least aesthetically, but I will save my own opinion on the HTC Vision for when it is made official.

What’s the new HTC Vision look like in your eyes? Was the full QWERTY on the Mytouch Slide not good enough for you?

Tell us what you make of the new HTC Vision.

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