The HTC Ville shows up in Video shortly before its rumored announcement

Mobile World Conference will take place in Barcelona come the 27th of next month and the leaks on what we may see there are showing up all over the interwebs. With the likes of the leaky GSIII, the LG Optimus 3D 2, the LG X3 and many others, we may see all the best MWC has to offer before the event even kicks off…OK maybe not, but the awesomeness is on the way and now it looks like it’s HTC turn to leak their flagship.

The HTC Ville has kicked up dust in the past and it looks as if we have not seen the last of this new monster phone. Back in November of last year the Ville got its first scoop alongside the likes of the HTC Edge, while wordy rumors and 3D renderings are good an all, we prefer real pictures accompanied by video of a short tour of the device and luckily for us and the world at large this morning brought just that. HTC-HUB.Com has gotten their hands on a video showing off the new Ville and giving further confirmation to its internals. The video tour of the device goes on to confirm most of what has already leaked. Internally the Ville will run a 1.5 GHz dual core Series 4 Snapdragon processor that will give go to Android version 4.0 that is perfectly skinned with HTC’s latest iteration of Sense version 4.0.  Other details from the video confirm that around back the Ville will carry an 8 mega pixel camera with 1080p HD video recording and a VGA quality shooter up front. Initial rumors on the Ville put its build at ‘thinner than the iphone 4’ measuring in at just 8mm thin, by the looks of this video it very well could be. Other details from the video conclude the Ville will have Beat’s audio embedded, and that is super cold in Podgorica. PocketNow.Com also reports that the Ville will most likely make an American appearance with T-Mobile.While the device in the video is still a prototype model it is possible that some of these details may change and surely more brought to light upon its announcement. The Ville is slated to make its official appearance alongside its super powered HTC Edge of a brother next month at MWC. Anyone interested? HTC Sense is looking awfully good lately. Check out the video here, but be warned the original went private shortly after the news broke, so this may go black anytime.


Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new leak on the HTC Ville or even the HTC Edge. Anyone interested? I know I ‘am. Oh, yea one more thing. We carry the largest, most affordable selection of HTC Accessories known to man; check them out for the best deals!

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