Read This Before You Buy an HTC Trophy 7: Screen Problems and Slowdown


HTC’s Trophy 7 smartphone, powered by Windows Phone 7, has some problems to say the least. Think along the lines of poor performance compared to other WP7 smartphones with identical processors and touchscreens that vary in quality from unit to unit. Yeah, HTC looks like it screwed this one up.

Performance Issues

The Trophy 7 sports a 1 GHz, Qualcomm QSD 8250 processor while its rival, the Samsung Omnia 7 uses the same. Both models have RAM in the 512 MB range and both run WP7. The only problem? In side by side speed comparisons, the Trophy 7 is noticeably slower than the Omnia 7. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below:

So why is the Trophy 7 so much slower? Leaked technical documents show that the phone uses an internal microSD card for storage instead of the faster NAND flash memory found in the Omnia 7. I am sure that HTC saved some money with this, but c’mon. A whole 5 more seconds to load a game? Congratulations HTC, you have managed to already put a damper on the WP7 launch and Microsoft’s attempts to make all of the WP7 handsets available nearly identical when it comes to their performance.

Screen Issues

This is where things get tricky. Multiple reports have come in that the Trophy 7 suffers from a huge flaw. Some of the touchscreens in them do not perform as well as other ones. Basically, some of the units out there have excellent screens and some…well, not so great. Apparently viewing angels vary by handset to handset and color/contrast also varies.

I don’t know how many units are affected or why this problem is cropping up but I do have an idea or two. Manufacturers like to use more than one supplier for parts to ensure no supply issues come up. Your smartphone and your friend’s smartphone might be identical models, but there is a good chance you have a component or two inside yours was built by a different company than what found its way into your friend’s. If HTC didn’t quality check some of its suppliers as well as others or was forced to buy inferior touchscreens because supplies were running out, then there is a good chance that the brand and/or quality level of the screens in Trophy 7s vary from unit to unit.

Let me know what you think.

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