Your HTC Titan II Accessories Super Store

When you pick up an HTC handset, you are not only getting a top of the line smart phone or tablet, you’re also investing in a piece of hardware greatness. HTC’s handsets are amazing devices. A lot of time and energy went into the manufacturing of their devices and it shows, in high quality builds that feel special in your hand. The HTC Titan II is no different. Built off the success the first HTC Titan brought home, the Titan II has been impressing smart phone shoppers since April of 2012. If you have a Titan II, there is no doubt you know of its awesomeness, but you may be mistreating it, if you haven’t checked out our huge selection of fine HTC Titan II accessories!

The Titan II is an amazing phone with, let’s just say super powers. But without the proper cape, all super heros are just people. But with the right HTC Titan II cases you can rest assured your new smart phone will stay safe. With the proper case you’ll not only keep your Titan II in safe working order, you’ll also have the chance to make your Titan II uniquely yours. Let’s take a look at this HTC Titian II Hard Shell Case with Kickstand from HTC. This awesome case is made of a high quality, high density light weight polycarbonate plastic and snaps on to your HTC Titan like a pilot fish to a shark. This super lightweight and highly protective case also comes packing an ultra durable metal kickstand. The kickstand can be used vertically, or horizontally and easily snaps right back into the case when it’s time to leave. If a hard shell case isn’t your thing, don’t worry, we have many different options. Take this lightweight, shock absorbent HTC Titan II TPU Case in red for example. This case is made by HTC out of a soft TPU style material. It can easily help you keep a grip on your handset as well as keep it safe for the inevitable drop it will incur.

Next up, power! Sometimes you may find yourself in need of a bit of power. The HTC Titan is such an excellent device you will indeed use it a bit more than your previous models and with that extra use, comes the need for a bit of extra juice! But no problems because we carry all the HTC Titan II chargers you could ever need, for any situation. If you find yourself on that long a boring road trip and your in need of a bit more power, a perfect HTC Titan II car charger will help. Take this HTC Titan II Micro USB Car Charger with Dual USB Ports for example. This perfect little car charger is compact enough to go anywhere, but powerful enough to charge up to two handsets at once. It comes with a coiled micro USB charging cable that can expand up to over 5 feet. Once the road trip is over however, you may still need some power. You could use your HTC Titan II car charger with this Universal 1000 mAh power converter, which would prove very helpful if you find yourself without an AC charger. Or you could check out this awesome HTC Titan II Travel Adapter with Micro USB Data Cable. This simple one port AC charging adapter connects to any standard wall plug and uses a good old fashioned HTC micro USB sync and charge cable to get your Titan II the power it needs.

So your HTC Titan II is now protected, charged and ready to meet the day. Remember, we carry a wide range of HTC Titan II accessories and what is shown here is a simple fraction of some of the best options. Take a look at our huge selection of mobile accessories here and let us know how we can help.

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