HTC’s New ThunderBolt can make calls and use data within Verizon’s LTE coverage

If you have been keeping up with the hype surrounding the future of mobile devices then I’m sure you have read about the new Thunderbolt from HTC. This new Thunderbolt packs some punchs and has a new trick up its sleeve that Verizon customers can surely be happy about. If you recall a while back At&t ran adverts slandering (or attempting to) Verizons CDMA based devices. The premise is simply put, a Verizon device cannot use data and make phone calls simultaneously. This is simply based off of the CDMA technology the company uses. T-Mobile and At&t customers have been enjoying these features at the same time for years. But with the launch of the ThunderBolt coupled with Verizons new LTE network, times are a changing.

During CES Verizon dropped some info that some (but not all) of their new LTE devices would have the ability to run data and take calls at the same time. The ThunderBolt is one of the “some”. A couple of leaked training documents intended for Verizon customer service and sales rep’s has found its way past the desk of the folks over at Android Central. The training guide states that the new HTC Thunder Bolt is the “First VZW device with simultaneous voice and data capabilities**, enabling customers to browse the web and make voice calls at the same time!” The ** added to this point go on to explain that if the user leaves his 4G area the data will be suspended and the call will continue. This may seem like a logical concept that should be implemented on all mobile devices, but the truth about CDMA tech makes this not possible unless of course you’re using the magical LTE or 4G connection. Other points on the training material show some other new firsts for the ThunderBolt and Verizon. The new HTC device will be the first to “share a 3G or 4G internet connection, with up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices via the ThunderBolts Hotspot feature.  The ThunderBolt will be the first Verizon device to feature Skype mobile, giving users the ability to make video calls and use the all the other features Skype is known for (note this says post launch). HTC’s ThunderBolt will also feature HTC’s new Sense 2.0 skin. Sounds fun to me.

The idea that CDMA will be able to use data and make calls at the same time is surely a long time coming and due to the progress of 4G technologies. The only question to ask now is what will At&t try to rip on now. Other then this exciting news, the fact that the ThunderBolt is going through the training loops says that this device will soon be available.

If you’re a Verizon customer, you may want to rethink that iPhone 4 purchase as this ThunderBolt is surely impressive. So how about it Verizon customers are you interested in this new monster phone from HTC? Or is the appeal of trend setting with your iPhone to great? Let us know what you think about the new HTC ThunderBolt…..OR ELSE!!!

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