The HTC Status is the official Facebook Phone

Ahh’ the Facebook phone. Way back in 2010 a rumor started circulating that the Zuck and is Facebook Co were working on a mobile phone that would be dedicated to keeping your Facebook profile up to date and in tip top condition. The rumors suggested that this Facebook dedicated phone was so shrouded in mystery that employees of the Zuck were left in the dark. After more digging and more rumors being displaced, Facebook came out and publically stated “Facebook is not building a phone.”  While this might have turned out to be true, they never said HTC wasn’t building a Facebook-centric phone. Hence the ChaCha, or was it the ChaChaCha, oh no it’s called the HTC Status and it has become official.

Initially the HTC Status was announced by HTC as the ChaCha, and then of course ChaCha Inc decided they wanted to sue because of the name, so HTC then decided to call it the ChaChaCha in certain parts of the world. Luckily by the time it got stateside someone decided that the HTC Status which is way better suited for such a niche model. So the HTC Status has been birthed but what’s in it for you? Well, the tech specs read like any other entry level smart phone and will surely get the job done, let’s take a look. First off the HTC Status will be running Android version 2.3 out of the box and of course be overlaid with an altered version of HTC Sense 3.0. So were off to a good start to say the least. Under the hood sits an 800 MHz MSM7227 processor capable of handling all your processing needs. The touch screen display comes in at 2.6 inches and gives you a 480×320 pixel resolution and houses a front facing VGA camera so you can keep uploading those scandalous self shots to Facebook, with the push of one button nonetheless. The rear facing camera will give you a 5 megapixel resolution and an autofocus feature. The HTC Status carries 512 of RAM and 512 of ROM as well. All of these excellent features are obviously trumped by its innate ability to stream line your connection to Facebook. A dedicated Facebook button can be found on the very bottom of the HTC Status and it can do all kinds of great things, here is an excerpt from the HTC Status’ press release about the Facebook button.

“  One touch to share- Press the Facebook share button from your home screen to instantly post on your wall.

Snap, shoot, share- Take a picture or shoot a video and share it instantly with a press of the Facebook share button. You can even post pictures automatically as you’re taking them..

Quick-on-the-draw check-in- Just long press the Facebook share button to check in your location with Facebook Places.

Be first with the news- See something cool on the web? Share your latest find with a quick press of the Facebook share button.

Post to your wall – or a friend’s wall – From the home screen, a quick tap of the Facebook HTC share button makes sharing anything on your mind quick and easy.

Share what you’re listening to- The Facebook share button glows when you’re listening to music, to let you know you can share. Let your friends in on the music you love with the push of a button.”

The press release of the HTC Status as you could imagine was exclusively announced through Facebook. Go check it out at and then let us know what you think of the new Facebook centric HTC device. Oh and did I forget to mention it will be launched exclusively at At&t? Well it will. And no matter what they rename it if I ever see one in public I will indeed begin to do the salsa and say Cha Cha Cha simultaneously.

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