Sidekick making a comeback with HTC ?

T-Mobile’s Sidekick range of products was once thought of as dead, or at least discontinued. The last device released under this range was the LX 2009 unveiled April of last year. Recently, unconfirmed reports are trying to breathe life into the line with Project Emerald. Initially, the project was associated with Samsung Galaxy S. However, rumors of this top secret project have persisted even after the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S which led people to believe that the project is long from over.

Although still unconfirmed, there have widespread reports of the existence of Project Emerald. Some have speculated that it might be a new model of under the Nexus One. The news was said to first appear with tmonews. Since the announcement a few days back, the particular post has been filled with almost 200 comments indicating the Sidekick line would be warmly welcomed back if reports were true.

So far, the only established piece of information is that HTC will be manufacturing the next smartphone under the Sidekick line, which eliminated the Samsung Galaxy S. According to the report, it is likely to be called as the Sidekick Twist although that may still be changed over time.  The device may sport a 1 Ghz processor, although only time will tell if HTC and T-Mobile will be using a Snapdragon processor or another type. Other  possible features on this upcoming device include a Super AMOLED screen display measuring 4.3 inches, a front facing camera and 16 GB of  onboard storage. The new Sidekick is expected to run on at least an Android 2.1 OS. As a T-Mobile device, expect the default applications preloaded into the device.

There are still no details regarding the pricing but we will keep you guys informed once we hear of any new developments on this secretive new HTC device under T-Mobile’s Project Emerald.

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