HTC’s Sense finds a way onto WP7

HTC’ Sense UI is becoming more and more of what they called it recently a service option for mobile devices. Initial reports of Microsoft’s new WP7 project stated that the manufactures of the WP7 devices could not put their own UI over the top of WP7. However, conflicting information coming from HTC’s Drew Bamford in July stated that Sense will indeed appear in the HTC’s WP7 concoctions. It looks like we get to see how they pulled it off today.

The videos shown below show off HTC’s Sense running on a WP7 operating device. Sense is showing off some very unique and downright beautiful graphics and cool features. The HTC 3D post it notes look very well put together and are surely cool as hell with invisible notes made visible by “scratching the post it”. Take a look at that weather application, in both videos,  I don’t even know what is going on there but I’m truly mesmerized by its stark beauty and over the top detail in graphics. And you know HTC had to slip there flashlight in there, classic.

This little leak of HTC Sense over WP7 is being called the HTC Hub and is surely the culmination of HTC’s plan all along for WP7. Now following suite here with most all who have come across this, it surely looks fun, and however, I don’t need my post it notes to float and or write on them with invisible ink. While these functions are needed the over the top graphics are sure to effect time and instant usability. As a Giz reader stated “All that eye candy comes at a price”, and I agree. Cut the loading times down by a second and all that beauty will have some function.

Like it? Interested in the new HTC Hub? Or does it all look to much like an over the top selling point rather than a functioning set of useful apps? Check the videos and let us know what you think.


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