HTC’s Sense as we know it will not be found on WP7

A few days back HTC announced some new Android based smart phones. Within the midst of these announcements HTC went on further to launch the new HTC Sense that will work in conjunction with the two new devices. HTC claimed that Sense is no longer a UI and more of a service. With the new site HTCSense.Com you can keep a history of text, track a lost device, lock and wipe that same lost device and check out where you are with no delay with cached maps. These amongst other features make the new Sense more of a service than a UI the company explained. But you won’t be finding any of that on the HTC branded WP7 devices that are slated to hit your hand by the holidays.

The Chief of HTC, Peter Chou has gone on record stating that “I don’t think we would do complete Sense UI on Windows Phone 7” when speaking to FierceWireless . He does go on to state that “However, I will say that we will innovate differently to improve the experience and to get some HTC unique and differentiated experience on Windows Phone 7 in the future”. A further explanation of what the CEO was saying is stated in other words from a company spokes person, Sense, by definition, is a way for HTC to improve the user experience in both big and small ways–which we will certainly work to do with Windows Phone 7 devices. But, if this does not include a fully revised user interface that does not mean that it doesn’t have a form of the Sense experience–it may just be expressed in ways that do not include the interface.”

I’m pretty sure this has been noticed in the past, however hearing it from the horse’s mouth is surely a dedicated confirmation. It will be interesting to see the final version of HTC’s Sense installed on WP7 devices. One way or the other HTC’s Sense UI or service will indeed make HTC WP7 devices a little more sought after. The videos below are showing off HTC’s Sense “service” or portal in action on a WP7 device.

Like Sense? Would you like to see it on a WP7 device?

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