HTC Sense gets an update with HTCSense.Com

HTC Sense is the user interface or UI that most Android users see when launching there device. When attempting to figure out what this is, think of the notoriously famous clock and weather widget on your home screen and or the numerous billboards you may have seen…like every day. But today with HTC’s event in London came a few new announcements and Sense was in the picture.

Today HTC announced their Desire HD, Desire Z and an official update to HTC Sense.  During the event HTC let inquiring minds know that Sense is not a UI but rather an all out service that “improve how people capture, create, share and access multimedia content”. The progression continues with a few new details emerging surrounding exactly what the new HTC will bring to the table.

  • The boot time of Sense has been cut down to 10 seconds.
  • DLNA support is built in to allow content streaming to other DLNA devices.
  • A new incoming call screen slides up from the bottom of the screen instead of taking up the entire screen.
  • Maps will now cache data to facilitate quicker map rendering.
  • A digital compass is utilized to allow the map to orient itself to the direction you are heading.
  • The new Sense focuses on letting you control and interact with your data instead of merely presenting it to you.
  • A new website will launch next month — — that will allow you to backup and view text messages and call logs, remotely wipe the device, enable call forwarding, send map coordinates or trip information, and locate your phone.

With the announcement in London come some pretty impressive improvements to the UI, oops to the new Sense. A new camera experience has been implemented, letting users capture video and edit images with a slew of new effects, also a new mapping system has cached the world and will allow mapping without waiting for the map to “load”. A new e_reader has been initiated that’s powered by Kobo.  Also a new website has been created HTCSense.Com where users can manager there mobile from the site via there device and or their PC. Locate a missing device by using the feature and the device will ring, even if set on silent at the time of it being lost. With this new feature if the device cannot be located you can remotely lock the device and wipe the unit clean of any information. HTCSense.Com will also allow users to customize and set up new deivces as well as look at information like contacts text messages as well as call history.

Surely there will be more improvements and things to talk about when HTCSense.Com goes live. The two devices launched today are slated for October and HTCSense.Com follows suit. Big question I have is will this fold over to already existing Sense enabled devices.

Hate it or love it Sense is here, I find myself loving Sense from time to time. Just wish I could turn it off when I wanted to. Keep dreaming.

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