HTC’s Sensation XE officially brings Beats Audio to Mobile



While HTC gears up for its NYC even later next week, the devices they are rumored to be announcing are showing up all over the interwebs.  While the RunnyMede and Bliss or Rhyme may be at the forefront of the press event it may also be graced with the likes of the refreshed HTC Sensation. Or the HTC Sensation XE as it’s called. Since the announcement of the Beats Audio buy out by HTC the world has been curious to see the final product. Looks like the Sensation XE may be the Beats Audio flagship device, its black and red finish sure looks appealing.

Announced earlier this week HTC made the Sensation XE official and finally put its Beats Audio procurement into motion. As the very first Beats Audio device from the company you’ll get a very nice set of Beat’s by Dre in ear – ear buds. While the Beats Audio headsets are said to be the ultimate in crystal clear audio, the transport on this included set of ear buds leads me to believe HTC had a heavy hand in the making of the headset. I know, I know that may not lead to poor audio quality, but I’m just hoping they didn’t stamp the Beats logos on HTC headsets.  Either way this handset looks good and sports slight spec bumps in a few departments. The main spec bump comes from the computing department, the CPU has been bumpedto a dual core 1.5 Qualcomm 8260 processor, this from the 1.2 dual core MSM 8260 found in the Sensation 4G.  The other bump would be its battery or heart as I call it. The original Sensation sports a 1520 mAh battery while the newly announced XE rocks a 1750 mAh battery, this bump will get you approximately .91 more hours in over all talk time. The Sensation XE still sports the same build as the original but changes out its color combo’s to a very familiar black and red combination. The Sensation XE is also said to ship with not only those epic HTC Beats by Dre ear buds but an 8 or 16 GB microSD memory card as well, not sure how they will decide on that but if you’re interested be sure to ask, cause 16 gigs is way better than 8! In case you were wondering about the specifics surrounding the Beats Audio, the press release states that when you use the provided Beats by Dre ear buds the XE will switch to the Beats by Dre sound profile and give you “fuller bass and crisper vocals”  ultimately “setting a new standard for audio quality in the mobile market”. Or you could just use the DSP manager, I am curious to know if the Beats audio drivers will work without the ear buds…

The HTC Sensation XE will launch in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe later in the month, while an America launch is still unclear. Let us know what you think of the new HTC Sensation XE and sound off in the comments below. But before you go, take a gander at our huge selection of HTC Accessories here.

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