The HTC Rezound is Big Red’s Holiday Hat Trick

Due to the nearing holiday buying season we are seeing a new steady stream of devices, some of which have been under wraps and rumored within the industry. This time of year is perfect for all of us interested in the latest and greatest in mobile. HTC has not lost their stride and are consistently pushing out excellent new devices. With the quiet launch of the HTC EVO Design 4G and HTC Hero S headed to Sprint and US Cellular, it looks like big red will be adding one more device to their holiday line up. Verizon is hot on the heels of the huge Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, the Motorola RAZR and is adding in one more perfect 4G LTE device to round out there new offerings. This one more device is the HTC Rezound and if its paired up with the new Nexus and that amazing new RAZR it’s got to be good…right?

The HTC Rezound was spotted earlier this month and was codenamed the HTC Vigor. Previous to that leak the HTC Vigor made its way through the FCC confines to gets its approval and was confirmed to be running on Verizon frequency bands. Before this the Vigor showed face on an internal Verizon road map. More recently however another Big Red road map revealed the HTC Rezound would launch alongside the then dubbed Droid HD and Galaxy Nexus. Recent renderings of the device (see: picture) have given us a new take on exactly what the Rezound will look like and previous specs leaks tell us what to expect. By the looks of things, it’s a safe bet to expect a new Droid Incredible with some red highlights and Beats audio…I’m just saying. The leaky renderings come to the interwebs by way of a case manufacturer putting the cases up for pre-order. The Rezound is said to run with a 4.3 inch touch screen that is built into a seemingly rubberized body that sports a design that looks very familiar. Within the build the device is said to house a dual core 1.5 GHz processor that is backed by 1GB of RAM and of course will run the latest rendition of Android. It is also said to come equipped with the latest in Beats Audio technology as well as an 8 mega pixel shooter that can surely do 1080p video recording. It will come into this world with Verizon’s LTE 4G connectivity and is expected to be made available on or around November 10th for an upwards of $300 bucks…on a new contract of course. So, sound like a deal? Check out this detailed video break down of the Rezound that was pulled from some exlusive ROM leaks.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new HTC IncredibleSensation. Nice phone, excellent specs. Let us know what you think. But before you go check out all of our Verizon accessories for which ever new big red phone you’re looking for.

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