The Very Best HTC Rezound Accessories you’ll need to stay ready!

The HTC Rezound made its way through the rumor mill for quite some time codenamed as the HTC Vigor. This amazing device has become official and is being slated as one of Verizon’s high end lineup for the coming holidays. While the high end specs and impress embedded Beats Audio make the HTC Rezound an amazing new smart phone, you should know it is far from indestructible or ‘ready’ to go out of the box. With our ever growing selection of HTC Rezound accessories you can easily find all you need to keep your phone safe, sound, charged, synced and ready when you are.

When it comes to power you can never get enough. With amazingly high end specs and 4G LTE connectivity you can bet you’ll be looking for as much juice as you can find. Lucky enough for you we can help! Whether you’re looking for a standard OEM spare or replacement Rezound battery we can help you with the standard OEM 1620 mAh battery. If 1620 mAh is not enough to get you through the day, no worries we have the extra juice you need with this OEM HTC Rezound extended battery and door. With a 2750 mAh power rating you can get all the power you need for a day with one full charge. Charging is of course the next step. Keeping your phones battery fully charged and ready at the helm is worth its weight in gold. We keep a full line of chargers ready when you are. This original OEM HTC Travel charger is the same charging adapter and micro USB charge/ data cable that would have come with your phone and can easily handle your charging needs. Need some charge on the move? We have you covered. With our many car charging options you can pick up original OEM HTC Micro USB car chargers like this. This charger is made by HTC and makes charging and even data syncing easy as pie.

Protection is next. With a huge selection of HTC Rezound cases and covers we can help keep your new powerful investment safe and sound, day in and day out. Case and holster combo’s like this HTC Rezound Shell case and Holster Combo can give you the ultimate in protection that is compatible with the ultimate carrying holster. The case option also sports a perfect pull out kickstand for excellent viewing angles. We also carry the very best in OEM HTC Rezound Shell style cases. With the very best in accessory options you’ll be able to keep your phone safe and sound no matter where you may end up.

So check out our daily deals on HTC Rezound accessories today and sound off in the comments and let us know what you’re looking for!

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