All the Best HTC Radar 4G Accessories are Here!

You’re HTC Radar 4G is one of the very best smart phones around. Its super small build and lightweight design, combined with powerful processing and the wisdom of WP7, it will be hard to find a comparable smart phone. This amazing little device packs in a perfect 3.8 inch touch screen, a 5 mega pixel camera, DLNA connectivity and a Snapdragon processor at the helm. With all this power comes great responsibility! But keeping your HTC Radar safe and ready when you are has just become a lot easier with our ever growing selection of HTC Radar 4G accessories.

Keeping your HTC Radar 4G safe is as simple as a perfect protective case, and luckily enough we have options that will fit anyone’s needs. Take this amazing HTC Radar 4G Protector case with Battery Boost, for example. This excellent case is made of a high quality polycarbonate plastic and packs in a fully functional rechargeable lithium ion battery. When the day takes its toll on your HTC Radar’s battery, a simple connection from your case can get you the power you need to see the day through. While this case serves multiple purposes, we may just need a simple, lightweight protector case. This HTC Radar 4G Body Glove Fade Shell Case can provide just that! This amazing shell styled case is made by the trusted name Body Glove and provides a super lightweight protective solution that also embedded a kickstand for those perfect multimedia viewing angles. With complete access to all ports, features, buttons and a vibrant purple coloring this is one of the best case options around.

Now that you’re new HTC Radar 4G is protected, it’s time to get it powered. A draining battery at the wrong time is downfall of any mobile device. But with our huge selection of HTC Radar 4G chargers and battery backup’s you can easily get the juice you need not matter where you may end up. Take the Zagg Sparq 2.0 Portable Power adapter for example. This perfectly compact portable power supply uses a 600 mAh internal battery that can be full charged and used anywhere. It can charge up to two devices including your HTC Radar or tablets. For a more standard type charger we can check out this perfect T-Mobile Dual USB Wall Charger with micro USB charging cable. This excellent and travel ready charging adapter sports dual USB charging outlets that can also charge your tablet and smart phone simultaneously. Need power while on the road? No problem, we have you covered, with this T-Mobile Dual USB Car Charger with micro USB charging cable. Being the car charging cousin to the previous wall charger, this amazingly small car charging adapter can get your HTC Radar and tablet or additional smart phone the charge it needs while on the road.

With our endless selection of HTC Radar 4G accessories, you can easily find what you need to keep your new smart phone in tip top order. If you are looking for a specific HTC Radar accessory, give us a call or shoot us an email.  

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