The HTC One X+ Becomes a Reality

Anyone remember the HTC One series devices? Of course you do! There are a few million of you out there using one variation or another. The HTC One series of devices ranged from the lower end of the spectrum with the One V, to the mid range with the One S and the top tier spot being held together by the One X. Chances are you have heard of these HTC made devices at one point, but its promise was most likely drowned out by the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S III handset. The HTC One X was announced back in February and ultimately released shortly thereafter in May.  However, rumors of an updated One X known as the One X+ have been circulating the rumor mill since July! And today, the updated handset has been made official.

The HTC One X+ was initially rumored as code name Era42 which was originally thought to be a powerful update to the G series QWERTY loving handsets made famous by HTC and T-Mobile. Turns out however this code name was actually representing an update to the already amazing HTC One X. Last month the HTC PM63100 appeared online showing off its computing prowess with some rather impressive NenaMark2 results. With these results, the rumored device became a bit closer to reality. Fast forward to this lovely Tuesday morning and the rumor mill has been officially closed on the One X+. The new HTC One X+ brings a bit more processing power, space for saving memories and a slightly larger battery. The One X+ starts with more or less the same build as the original. Inside however it uses a 1.7 GHz Tegra 3 quad core processor, a ULP GeForce GPU at 520MHz, 1 GB of dual channel RAM and up to 64 GB of internal storage. The screen on the One X+ keeps its perfect 4.7 inch size and 720×1280 pixel resolution and around back its 8 mega pixel camera see’s no change. Its battery pack however was upgraded from an 1800 mAh cell to 2100 mAh and should prove to help along its LTE connectivity. The One X+ also adds in a bit of an OS update as well. The One X+ will ship with the likes of Android’s latest and greatest Jelly Bean 4.1 and a newly revamped HTC Sense 4+ overlay. Unfortunately the One X+ does not currently have a release date other than a “soon” remark from HTC, pricing on the One X+ is also absent from its announcement but we couldn’t expect it to sell more than the average for a phone of its stature.  

Are there any takers? Its current destination is headed straight toward Ma’Bell however rumors of its T-Mobile availability have been circulating the handset. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new revamped One X+ form HTC and remember the very best in HTC accessories start here!

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