The HTC One X Evolves Into the HTC EVO One?


The HTC EVO 4G was a revolutionary phone it came to and stayed exclusively a Sprint phone and more importantly allowed Sprint to claim 4G gold. While the Now Network’s 4G WiMax technologies did not withstand the power of what LTE offers it was fun while it lasted. New details have pointed to the company abandoning their WiMax dreams and moving into the land of LTE. While speculation of an LTE equipped Galaxy Nexus circle the company’s shelves, some more impressive and newer hardware is getting its turn within the rumor mill. The HTC One X was revealed this year at MWC and if the rumors are to be believed, Sprint has nailed its very own variation of the super phone. The HTC EVO One is a variation of HTC’s new One line up and is rumored to be one of Sprints first LTE devices.

With some joint leakage, AndroidCentral and PocketNow have exposed some details on the new EVO One and it’s a beauty that packs a punch. The EVO One is said to internally compare to the At&t branded One X and ONE XL, but it is not built around the One X chassis, rather its own unique design. Luckily enough,  for anyone interested Pocketnow has gotten their hands on a rendering of what the EVO One should look like. Pictured above in between the At&t One X and the One S the EVO One Stands tall! Rumored specs from AndroidCentral are to be taken with a grain of salt, however sound believable. The EVO One is said to come packing a 4.7 inch AMOLED touch screen that provides a 720p pixel resolution. Below the screen a 1.5 dual core Krait chipset will give Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0 its go. The EVO One is also said to come packing 16GB of internal memory, expandable micro SD memory, an 8 mega pixel rear facing camera, with a 2 mega pixel shooter up front. The EVO One will also be packing an LTE radio. This LTE connectivity is also one of the major components to the EVO One’s massive battery. Rumored to clock in at 2650 mAh, it seems that HTC is compensating for the vampire that is LTE connectivity and surely taking notes from the RAZR Maxx.  Release information on the HTC EVO One is slated for a June 6th release and will most likely cost an arm and a leg.

So tell us how bad you want an EVO One. Also remember that Sprints LTE network is barely off of the ground so, LTE connectivity will be scarce early on. Oh yeah! Before I forget, we have the largest most extensive selection of HTC accessories known to man, check them out!

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