All the HTC One X Accessories You’ll need

Your HTC One X is a special phone. Its specs are amazing, its build is slim, beautiful and all around pleasing. HTC took it upon themselves to make another perfect piece of hard ware and stuff it to the brim with excellence. But even with its solid body aluminum build, the HTC One X is not indestructible and surely not cheap. We have compiled a huge selection of the very best HTC One X accessories, to ensure you can keep your phone safe, charged and ready when you are. With our selection of accessory options, you can rest assured your One X will be there when you need it.

First, charging and powering. Because what good is an amazing smart phone with no power. With a perfect charger you can get the juice you need when you need it. Take this HTC One X AC Travel Adapter and Micro USB Cable for example. This USB based AC charging adapter will plug into any standard AC power outlet and get your device the charge it needs. It also comes with a standard HTC One X Sync and Charge Cable that can be used for charging and or syncing and charging from your computer. While keeping your One X charged with a standard AC charging adapter seems simple enough, it actually can be easier with this HTC One S USB Sync and Charge Cradle. This excellent cradle option uses a horizontal based A frame style build that easily allows for docking your One X. With this cradle you can easily charge your device from the AC power adapter supplied and or connect the dock to your PC for syncing and charging purposes. Either way a dock like this means never need to dig behind the nightstand again.

Sometimes however you may find yourself on the road in need of some power. Luckily enough, the vehicle your in would love this HTC One X Dual USB Car Charger with micro USB cable. This simple but highly effective car charger will not only take care of your One X’s power needs, but it can also handle an additional USB powered device. The included micro USB charging cable will allow for easy charging from most USB based car charging and AC charging adapters. It can also be used for charging only via your computer.

Keeping your HTC One X safe is no easy task. It’s a high powered investment that travels with you where ever you go damaging it seems so inevitable. But with a perfect HTC One X protector case like this you worries can lean by the way side. This simple buy highly effective case option comes in an array of different color options. The case is made of a super light weight high quality, high density polycarbonate plastic that will keep your One X safe all day long. It is also rubberized which means it is painted in a rubberized material that adds a lot of grip, feel and ultimately a matte finish.  

Now your HTC One X is protected, charged and ready day in and day out. Check out all the very best in HTC One X accessories today.


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