When you need HTC One V Accessories we have you covered


Your HTC One V is a powerful phone. It is an investment, an expensive investment that will keep you connected to the world around you with little to no issues. But with that being said, the HTC One V is not indestructible and very prone to damage. Sure its uni-body frame is made of some amazing materials, and sure the screen is practically indestructible by some standards found out in a lab. But we all know the truth. In order to keep your smart phone in tip top working order for years to come, you will need some awesome HTC One V accessories, and luckily enough for you we have them.  

Taking your One V with you on long road trips can prove to be dangerous not only for you, but for the phone as well. You never know where your phone may end up and how good you are at trying to find it and drive at the same time. But this perfect HTC One V car mount can easily curb such instances. This excellent car mount is made by Naztech and can handle many different sized phones vertically, horizontally or even diagonally if the situation calls for it. Not only will this excellent car mount put your HTC One V in a perfect position for your finger tips when needed, it can also charge your One V and any other USB chargeable mobile device you have with you. A car mount like this is worth its weight in gold when staying connected behind the wheel.

Next up is power and utility. You should know by now that the One V has it all, an amazing set of specs a beautiful design and instant access to your digital life. However, the One V runs on batteries, and just so you know…batteries die. Luckily for you we have all the best utility accessories you need. Take this HTC One V Travel Adapter and micro USB cable for example; essentially an exact replacement of the charging cable and adapter that came with your phone this compact and ready whenever you are charger is perfect for all your powering needs. The included HTC One V micro USB charge and sync cable can handle it all. From providing a charge to your One V, to syncing it up with your desktop for all those important backups this original OEM cable can make it happen.

Options for protecting your HTC One V come in many different shapes and sizes. Take this HTC One V rubberized Protector case for example. This excellent case is comprised of two pieces of high quality, high density, and ultra light weight polycarbonate plastic. The case comes together around your phone and provides the ultimate in protection, while still allowing unhindered access to all buttons, ports, features and functions. The case also has a special coating of rubberized material that allows for a very grip able outer layer that has a smooth matte style finish. With cases like these and many others perfect options your One V will be safe for a long time to come.  

So your HTC One V is good to go. Check out our huge selection of HTC One V accessories.

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