The HTC One S Accessories You Have Been Looking For!


Your new HTC One S is quite possibly the best smart phone on the market. It’s amazing build is super thin, its magenta connectivity, super fast and its power is nearly unrivaled. The slate style build on the One S uses a manufacturing process that turns a single piece of metal in to a practically indestructible body for your phone. The One S in case you were unaware uses a 720p 4.3 inch Super AMOLED touch screen that will show off all kinds of amazing media in crisp clear colors. It uses the very latest in Android version 4.0 and takes its 8 mega pixel camera to the next level with the likes of HTC’s new Sense 4.0. But with all these amazing features, advanced build and impossibly thin frame the One S is not literally indestructible, it cannot charge nor sync it-self and will surely need some help from our huge selection of HTC One S accessories. Let’s take a look at a few of the best shall we?

Protection should be nineteenths of the smart phone laws. Keeping your phone safe has never been easier with our selection of HTC One S cases and covers. Take this perfect HTC One Snap On Body Glove Case with kickstand belt clip for example. This amazing two piece case option is super light and keeps true to the thin presence of your One S without adding to much bulk. The case snaps together around your phone for a super secure fit and safe feel. Its outer shell is lined with a neoprene material that is very protective and also extremely grippy. The belt clip is optional, but also exceptional. It’s ‘anchor’ can be replaced with a small flat backing that will void the clip entirely. But if you do use the clip, you will get dual purposes out of it as it easily doubles as a vertical based kickstand. Keeping up with your favorite multi media has never been easier.

With protection in the bag, syncing and charging becomes paramount. Think about it. How good is that amazing phone when it is dead? With our huge selection of HTC One S chargers and data cables’ staying charged and synced has never been easier. Take this perfect HTC One S travel adapter with micro USB cable for example. This excellent combination pairs up a perfectly small USB based AC charging adapter with a standard good old fashioned micro USB sync and charge cable. Use the cable and the charger together to get the juice you need from a power outlet or take the micro USB cable on a journey to an alternate USB based power supply including your PC, Mac or any other USB based adapter. This amazing combination of power adapter and USB cable will prove itself invaluable as you find yourself using your One S more and more.

But what if you need some juice while on a long or even short road trip? There is not AC power outlet in your car is there? Well, even if there is your future car may not be as common as the wheels you need to ride in to get to grandmas. This HTC One S Dual USB Car Charging adapter is the perfect fit for any road trip. It also comes with a standard OEM HTC Micro USB cable to match. This same cable can be used with any other USB based power supply including other AC adapters and computers. You can also use this same cable to sync data to and from your handset.

So your new HTC One S has is protected with a perfect case option, it has all the power supplies it will ever need no matter where you may find yourself and it is synced and fully backed up! So now, go and enjoy your mobile life with the power of that HTC One S and feel confident in knowing you have the best HTC One S accessories to keep your investment safe.

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