The HTC One Remix Makes Its way through the Halls of the FCC


New details surrounding the Verizon bound One Remix has surfaced into the wild! So in case you have been living under a rock lately you may have heard of this new fancy HTC phone known as the One M8. Easily one of the best phones available the new One handset is currently taking the world by storm. But what better way to maximize this devices potential then to make a few variants of it? In what is seemingly becoming a tradition HTC has created the One Mini 2 device which will go by the name of the Remix when and if it ever hits the shelves of big red Verizon.

The One Mini 2 was announced about a month ago too much rumor and anticipation. But even without the rumors and speculation and ultimately leaks a mini version of the One was a not surprise. Mini’s, rugged and primes are all becoming standard variations of flagships and usually launch a few months after their class leading kin. The leaky details leading up to the One Mini 2 launch came alongside information suggesting Verizon would be getting their very own HTC Phone known as the One Remix. These leaks have provided renderings of the device but information surrounding its availability has been scarce…until now! While Verizon is known for keeping devices locked up and stowed away for way to long, new information out of the FCC has put the Remix at least one step closer to an actual launch. The information from the filings clearly shows the device running on the big red carrier’s bandwidth and further confirmed by the devices stock keeping unit number of HTC6515LVW. The VW at the end is the clincher here and stands for Verizon Wireless. This same number is also associated with the standard One Mini 2 as cross referenced with its Bluetooth certification. So all in all, the One Remix is here. When it will actually launch is anyones guess.

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