The HTC One Gets Official With At&t and Sprint


The HTC One makes waves as two carriers announce their plans for the smart phone. The HTC One was announced in mid February and comes with great anticipation. The One was at one point also known as the M7 and came into this world bit by bit in all forms of teases and leaks. Finally the handset is official and it looks like some carriers are finally starting to announce their plans on carrying the handset. The HTC One is finally coming to market and it’s about time as anyone interested couldn’t possibly hold their breath any longer!

Ma’Bell and the yellow clad Now Network have both gone on record announcing the details of their One launch. At&t will put the new smart phone up on the chopping block come April 19th. The handset under a new two year contract and with 32 GB of storage should set you back about $200 bucks. The carrier has also (for whatever obnoxious reasons) has been given exclusive access to sell a 64 GB variant and will cost its end users about $300 bucks under the same new contract. Additionally, to sweeten the deal a little, At&t is offering up free HTC Media Link HD streaming boxes which will come with pre-orders of the handset up to the 18th. Pre-orders for the carrier open on April 4th at 1pm central time. Sprint, has also announced its plans for the HTC One. The yellow clad company will be offering up the handset on the same day as Ma’Bell, April 19th, while pre-orders start one day after, April 5th. Unfortunately however, there is no 64 GB version and no awesome Media Link box. Both carriers will be offering up the handset in both black and silver and both of course offer 4G LTE connectivity. The HTC One in case you have been living under a rock is the latest and possibly the greatest HTC handset to date. The One runs Android version 4.1.2, sports a 4.7 inch 1080×1920 touch screen, packs in a 2300 mAh battery and offers up super fast computation with a quad core 1.7 GHz Krait CPU.

Anyone interested in the HTC One on either of these fine carriers? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. And remember, no matter whom your carrier is, we carry the finest in original, aftermarket and OEM HTC One accessories.

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